Who We Are

Asian & Latino Solidarity Alliance of Central Virginia (ALSACV) was officially established and certified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2018.

The founding members of ALSACV are leaders and advocates from the Asian and Latino communities in Central Virginia. They have lived in Virginia for a combined total of 150+ years and have a combined history of 120+ years of community service. Many members are gubernatorial appointees who serve or have served on the Virginia Asian Advisory Board and the Virginia Latino Advisory Board to provide input to the Governor’s programs affecting the two communities. Additionally, several members have been serving on boards for prominent companies and organizations in Central Virginia and have been recognized for their achievements and contributions to their respective communities.

Why an Alliance

The Asian and Latino communities are incredibly diverse and growing. A record 20 million Asians and 58 million Latinos in the U.S. can each trace their roots to more than 20 countries. Asians had the highest annual growth rate (3.0%) of any major U.S. racial or ethnic group in 2017. The Hispanic growth rate followed at 2.0%.

Despite the diversity and growth amongst both communities, there are common issues:

  • Lack of equitable representation and visibility of Asians and Latinos in public and private sector leadership positions
  • Lack of access or availability of economic, social, and cultural competency programs for our communities
  • Lack of adequate mentorship to advance our younger generations

As advocates for these communities, the founding members of ALSACV recognized the need for Asian and Latino Americans in Central Virginia to come together to address these issues and work with our community partners, members, supporters, and other organizations to achieve our mission, vision, and goals.